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Aquarium Fish, Tropical Fish, and Goldfish for sale |

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Index to
Tropical Fish Information
About Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Aquariums, and More!

This page contains links to all the information and advice in this web site about Tropical Fish and Goldfish and how to keep them in Aquariums, Fish Bowls, Ponds.

We've tried to be sure the information in this web site is useful, practical, simple, easy to read, easy to understand, and accurate. But please click here first to read our Disclaimer, then scroll down this page and click on an underlined link that interests you.

1. Quick Summaries of What to Do
      The 7-Essentials of Keeping Pet Fish

      A Maintenance Schedule
      Aquarium Safety Advice

2. About the Fish
      Some Compatible Groups of Fish
      The Three Incompatible Groups of Goldfish

      Pet Fish for Kids

Breeding Fish and Raising the Fry
      Brackish Water Fish
      Beware of Buying Fish that will Grow to be Huge!
3. About Buying Fish from Us
      Our Terms of Business
      Our Warranty
      Frequently Asked Questions

      How We Ship Fish

      Acclimating Fish
      Ordering Information

      Beware of Buying Fish that will Grow to be Huge!
4. Aquariums, Fish Bowls, and Ponds
      Help Choosing a Fish Bowl, Aquarium, or Pond
      Fish Bowls

      Betta Vases
      Cool Water Fish and Aquariums

      Warm Water Fish and Aquariums

      Ponds and Pond Fish

      Feng Shui - A Container Pond for You?
      Giselle's Restaurant
      Brackish Water Aquariums
Plant Advice: Why Keep Live Aquatic Plants?
5. About Feeding Fish
      Food and Feeding Fish
      Live Black Worms
      Feeding Spirulina Algae

      Going on Vacation
      Automated Fish Feeding Gadgets
      Teaching Someone How to Feed Your Fish
6. About Breeding Fish
      Mollies are Easy to Breed

      Use a Net Breeder to Protect the Babies

      Make Your Own Baby Fish Food

      How to Breed Guppies and Raise the Babies
      How to Determine the Gender of Guppies
      How to Determine the Gender of Swordtails

      How to Breed Angelfish

      How to Breed Pink Convicts

      Mouth Brooding Cichlids

      Female Cichlids Holding Eggs

      How to Breed Betta Fish

      How to Breed Goldfish

      The Big Aquarium in Giselle's Restaurant

      Mr. Dayes' Method of Breeding Guppies

      Mr. Wey's Method of Breeding Mono Sebae
7. Equipment Information
      Fish Bowls
      Aquarium Arithmetic

      Aquarium Covers
      Aquarium Filters
      Aquarium Heaters
      Aquarium Lighting
      Aquarium Stands
CO2 Systems
      Cultured Gravel
      Gravel Washers
      Pots for Plants
      Protein Skimmers
Ultraviolet Sterilizers
      Aquarium Safety
      Where to Buy Equipment
8. Your Fish's Water Quality
      Aquarium Filters


      Cultured Gravel
      Gravel Washing

      Water Conditioner
      Aquarium Water Filtration
      Test Your Water with Your Eyes and Your Noses.

      Cloudy or Foamy Water is Not Good for Fish.

      How to Get Rid of the Green Stuff.

      Planaria - Tiny Worms in Your Aquarium
      Fishless Cycling a New Aquarium
      Brackish Water Aquariums

      Partial Water Changes
      EcoBio-Blocks from ONEdersave New
      Hi-Q - Zero Water Exchange System
9. Stress, Disease, Medicating Fish
      Signs of Stress and Disease in Fish
      I'm Having Trouble with My Fish

      Aquarium Salt
      How to Medicate: A Recommended Treatment

      Swim Bladder and Buoyancy Problems in Goldfish

      How to Get Rid of Small Snails

      Hole in the Head Disease
10. Miscellaneous Pages
      A Dozen Don'ts
      More Don'ts

      I'm Having Trouble with My Fish

      How to Get Rid of Small Snails

      Don't Contaminate Your Fish's Home

      Mary's Problem
      Moving Your Fish

      Our Mother's Burl

      Giselle's Restaurant
      Aquarium Safety Advice
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