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Page 5 about
Baby Convict Cichlids

This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Baby Convict Cichlids. Click here to go back to the previous page in this discussion about Breeding Convict Cichlids.


Customer Comments

Baby Convict Cichlid.
Convict Cichlid Babies in a large Aquarium.
Convict Cichlids spawning with eggs and baby Convicts.
I have a pair of black convicts that have been breeding like crazy lately. It's the coolest thing! I already have about 20 babies from the second set of eggs that are growing up big and strong.
The first set of eggs didn't make it as I had all of my cichlids together in a 55 and many babies got eaten. But now I have the breeding pair in a 15 gall tank and they are living it up. Today the female convict laid another batch of eggs and I wanted to share the pictures.
Although they are not the best but thought it could help out some. I also have more questions about my new additions. How long does it take a convict to "grow up" at least to be large enough to be put in with other fish without being eaten?
What is the proper temperature to keep my tank while I have eggs and babies in there? PH? All that sort of thing...and maybe a little more about Black Convicts themselves, where they came from? I would lov! e any type of information concerning these fish.
Thank you,
Roni B.
feel free to use my pictures, although they are not great quality pictures.
Reply. Hello Roni. Thank you for your email and for your pictures, which are blurry but still very interesting. Congratulations on breeding your Convicts and on taking pictures, especially the one of the baby at the top.
Convict Cichlid babies and other cold water fish do not grow at a set rate. Instead their rate of growth varies with the temperature of the water, the amount of food, the quality of food, the quality of the water, and other factors.
When will your Convict Babies be big enough to go with the other fish? That depends on what the other fish are, how big their mouths are, and how hungry they are!
Convicts do well in water from about 72 to 82 degrees F., and they usually spawn when the water is at the upper end of this range, say from 78 to 82, and the babies usually do best in this temperature range.
Convict Cichlids naturally live in Central American in the countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.
There are several pages on this web site with information about Convict Cichlids and about breeding them. Thank you for your contribution.
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Click here to continue on to another page in this web site and read about breeding Mouth Brooding Cichlids.
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This page was updated on May 11, 2015.