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Page 2 about
Preventative Aquarium Maintenance
Aquarium Maintenance.

This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Aquarium Maintenance. Click here to go back to the first page about Aquarium Maintenance.

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Customer Comments

Hi Agian, ... I recently did some 30% water changed when I got home from work on my 20 G tank of Oranda's (about Med to Large in sizes). I added aqua salt (1teaspoonful per 5 G), then I noticed few hours later that most of my fish stayed at the bottom not moving or not as happy as before. I wondered what was the cause (shock? stress?).
What should I do? When do I add salt? Any medication to use. I also add quick cure (1 drop / 1 G). Please get back to me as soon as possible. I appreciate your assistance to this. Thank you for putting up your site.
Gary C.
Cerritos, CA
Reply. Hello Gary. Your fish are crashed on the bottom, which is one of the Signs of Stress and Disease. Click here for more information about the Signs of Stress and Disease min fish.

I don't think it was the Aquarium Salt or the Quick Cure that you added to your aquarium that caused your fish to crash on the bottom. You changed too much water at one time. Do not changed more than 20% of the water in your aquarium on one day.

Here and there on the internet I read advice saying to change 50% of the water once a month. This may work. It may even work most of the time. But my experience is that it won't work all the time. Changing 20% or less of the water in your aquarium will very rarely cause problems. We recommend that you change 20% twice a week. Click here for information about how to calculate 20% of your aquarium.

There is not much you can do for your fish now. They may naturally recover from the stress and get up off the bottom of your aquarium in a day or two. I hope so. I hope you and others will benefit from you experience and not change more than 20% of the water in any aquarium, unless you have a disaster that ruins the quality of the your fish's water.

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Customer Comments

Hi, I would like to say my warm Thank You for your immediate reply. My fish are all recovered and back to normal ... whhhoooooooo!
Reply. Hello again Gary. Good, we're glad to read that your fish recovered. Front time to time we get an email that says we're exaggerating about the problems caused by changing more that 20% of the water on one day.

But once in a while changing more than 20% does cause problems. We think that the ideal schedule is to change 20% of the water twice a week.


Customer Comments

HI when you change the water in the aquarium can you change it with stores gallons of water rather then home water.
Reply. Hello. Yes you can use bottled drinking water, which costs about 50 cents a gallon in some stores. Tap water from the faucet usually costs less than 1 cent a gallon.

If you change 4 gallons in a 20-gallon aquarium twice a week for a year, it will cost about $200.00 more for the bottled water. So most aquarists decide to use tap water, which is just as good for the fish in most cases.

However, we usually recommend using bottled water in fish bowls, because they use much less water, so using bottled water does not much to the cost maintaining a fish bowl, and bottled water seems to work better in fish bowls for many people.

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