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Discus Fish for sale from breeder for aquariums.
Click here now to buy Discus Fish.
Aquarium Safety.
This page contains a list of several of the most popular types of Discus Fish that are for sale directly from the breeder. Because of their unique shape, temperament, and wide variety of beautiful colors, Discus Fish are considered to be the most desirable Tropical Fish for freshwater aquariums by many aquarists.
  Here is a beautiful wild Discus that was swimming in the Amazon Rainforest a few days before this video was taken.
Click here now to buy Discus Fish.
Discus will often grow to be over 5" in diameter in an aquarium. Some scientists believe all Discus are the same species, other scientists believe there are three species, and still other scientists believe there may be many species and subspecies.
The pictures below show some of the incredible color varieties of Discus for sale now. Click here to buy Discus.
Discus Fish at  
Assorted Discus
various sizes from 2" and bigger.
Click here to buy.
Blue Discus Fish at  
Baby Blue Panda
various sizes from 2"
Click here to buy.
Blue Diamond Discus Fish for Sale from Breeder.  
Blue Diamond
various sizes from 2"
Click here to buy.
Fire Dragon Discus Fish for Sale.  
Fire Dragon
various sizes from 2"
Click here to buy.
Ruby Red Discus for Sale  
Ruby Red Discus
various sizes from 2"
Click here to buy.
Ruby Red Discus Fish for Sale.  
White Discus
various sizes from 2"
Click here to buy.
Plus many other color varieties, including Wild Discus, and a variety of appropriate foods for Discus. Click here now.

How to Keep Discus

1.  Discus need crystal clear, clean water.  Weekly partial water changes  will be necessary.  We recommend pure R/O water with deionization.
2.  Keep the pH around 6.5.
3.  Temperature around 84.  Breeding Discus should be kept at 88 degrees.
4.  Softwater is needed.  We recommend Blackwater Extract.
5.  Plants, especially sword plants, do nicely with Discus. Just remember to clean the gravel frequently. Plants act as a natural filter to enhance the water quality.
6.  Discus need lots of oxygen, so keep an outside filter and an inside sponge filter for extra aeration. We also highly recommend a UV sterilizer.  Ideally,  we recommend 1-micron filtration. Discus are extremely susceptible to external bacterial infections, so UV Filtration and special filtration are very important.
7.  We highly recommend keeping at least one Plecostomus catfish in the aquarium.  Some species of Plecostomus harass Discus, so we only sell Plecos on our website that are safe with Discus.
8.  Gouramis, Corydoras Catfish, and Angels are also compatible tank mates for Discus, but you have to be a little careful with the Angels, because they can be carriers of Discus Plague.
9.  Do not keep Discus with aggressive fish, which includes most Cichlid Species, or with fin-nipping species such as many Barbs and Tetras.
10.  Discus are grazers, so feed them several times a day with a food that slowly sinks to the bottom.  We recommend feeding Discus three times a day.  If that is impossible, feed them at least twice a day with as much as they can eat in 10 minutes.
11.  We feed our Discus the following foods.
(a)  Freeze Dried Blood Worms.
(b)  Sterilized Frozen Blood Worms frozen to -60 F. to kill Hexamita.
(c)  Glass Worms are high in fat content and the best food for Discus.
(d)  Frozen Brine Shrimp fortified with Spirulina Algae, because Discus require some plant material. We do not feed our Discus Beef Heart, because it ends to quickly foul the water. We supplement our food with vitamins and minerals.
12.  Many Discus do not show their full colors as juveniles and will not until they are mature adults.
13. Gallons per inch of Discus: 2-gallons for each 2" Discus, 3.25-gallons for 3", 5 for 4", 7.25 for 5", 9 for 6". Do not crowd Discus beyond these guidelines. So six 2" Discus will require at least 6 x 2-gallons = 12-gallons of water, and when grown to 6" they will require at least 6 x 9-gallons = 54-gallons. A bigger aquarium is always better.

The Amazon River, which is the natural home to Discus, has been described as is the greatest river in the world. Rich in history and surrounded by a wealth of mystery. Scientists, even today, have discovered only a small percentage of the millions of species of plants and animals that live in the rain forests in the Amazon River basin.
Located in South America right at the equator, the Amazon River drains the entire northern half of the South American continent. All the tropical rains that deluge the great rainforests of Amazonia are carried to the ocean through the thousands of tributaries which feed the Amazon.
More water flows into the ocean from the Amazon River than the combined output of the Mississippi, the Nile, and the Yangtze rivers. Of all the river waters flowing into the world's oceans, one fifth of that water comes from the Amazon. Click here for more about Amazon River Aquariums.
More Help and Advice.
Click here to go to a page in Pet Fish Talk's web site, where you will find the phone number and email address that you can contact for more help and advice.
Pet Fish Talk a Podcast about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.  
Click here to listen to an interview titled "Discus Fish" on Pet Fish Talk . During this interview DrTom and Nevin, The Bailey Brothers, talk with Robert from New Jersey about his Discus Fish.
Click here to go to another page in this web site with information about Amazon River Aquariums, the natural home of Discus Fish.
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