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This website is
home to the world's most beautiful fish, as you can see in our pictures.

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We take online orders for live pet fish with our easy-to-use "click-to-buy" Shopping Bag. Then ship directly to your front door.

We've got lots-and-lots of popular aquarium fish plus lots-and-lots of rare fish, and all of our fish are premium quality with better health, more energy, and brighter colors, as you see in our pictures.

Just below is a good example of our premium quality fish ...

Elephant Nose fish for sale
This amazing looking fish is a wild fish from West Africa called an Elephant Nose that uses that long probe on its chin to find worms.

It turns out that the probe is very sensitive to electricity and worms have lots of electricity in their bodies.

Elephant Noses also like to bat a ball of aluminum foil around their aquarium, which is great fun to watch.

We have a bunch of them straight out of Africa, and they'd like to make their next stop in your aquarium. So they can start entertaining you.

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This web site also contains lots-and-lots of useful information about keeping and caring for pet fish and lots-and-lots of pictures of fish.

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Our Pictures
This website has lots of pictures of the fish that we offer for sale. Will the fish you get look like the fish in our pictures? No! This is like buying a kitten or a puppy, that will change as it grows and matures.

Except in a few cases, where we offer items marked WYSIWYG that show a picture of that exact item.

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This web site is packed with lots-and-lots of tips and information about how to successfully care for pet fish and how to enjoy them more.

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Premium Aquarium Fish
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