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Baby Whales
Did somebody say we're going to have a Whale Sale?
Click here to buy a Baby Whale.

  This video shows a Baby Whale, which is a member of a group of fish called Mormyrids that are not related to the mammals that are called Whales. Click here to buy a Baby Whale from us.

Scientific Name: Pollimyrus castelnaui ?

There are several species of fish that vary in shape and are called Baby Whales. All Baby Whales quarrel with each other. They have an interesting shape that looks like a miniature whale. They are not closely related to the mammals called whales, but it's fun to call them Baby Whales.

Baby Whales are members of a group of fishes called Mormyrids. Click here to read a brief article from the Encyclopedia Britannica about this group of fish.
Click here to buy a Baby Whale.


aBaby Whale Mormyrid at, where you can shop online for Baby Whales is fun!

  Here are two Baby Whales both about 4" long and very much like the Baby Whales for sale in our facility. Click here for more about buying a Baby Whale and other wild fish from us. 
The picture above shows two Baby Whales quarrelling, and Baby Whales often quarrel and spar with each other. You must look closely at each of your fish each day to see, if any of them are being nipped and harassed badly by another fish in the same aquarium.
Mormyrid Brains
The Mormyrids are a rather large group of fishes that are very interesting fish to keep in aquarium. Their ancestors all lived in Africa, and they all have large brains, are highly intelligent, and popular among advanced aquarists.

Appropriate Home
An aquarium with at least 29 gallons of water, an exterior power filter with a bio-wheel, a maximum of 1/4 inch of gravel, and an aquarium heater adjusted to a temperature between 78 and 82 degrees F. Click here for more about warm water aquariums.

Each Baby Whale needs its own cave or piece of plastic pipe as a home. Be sure the rocks or pieces of pipe and everything else you put in your aquarium will not contaminate the water. Click here for more about how to avoid contaminating your aquarium.

Be sure their aquarium has a cover because Baby Whales are active jumpers. You should also cover all the holes in the cover. Use clean pieces of plastic cut from plastic milk cartons and attach them with strong tape. Click here for more about aquarium covers.
Click here to buy a Baby Whale.


Recommended Diet
Live Black Worms and other live foods such as live brine shrimp. Most Baby whales will also eat frozen brine shrimp. Click here for more about live Black Worms. Click here for more about Feeding Fish.

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We recommend you keep one Baby Whale or several but not a few. If you keep 2, 3, or 4 Baby Whales together in the same aquarium, the strongest one will often make the others miserable. In a group with 6 or more the stronger Baby Whales become less aggressive.

You need to watch your Baby Whales carefully each day to be sure the strongest one isn't making the weaker ones miserable. Good tank mates for Baby Whales are Elephant Noses, African Black Knifefish, and Synodontis Catfish. Baby whales are also kept in aquariums with Clown Loaches, Gouramis, and Angels. Click here to read more about several other groups of compatible fish.
Click here to buy a Baby Whale.

Gallery of Baby Whale pictures
Shown above, a 2" long Black Baby Whale with scientific name Brienomyrus brachyistius, swimming in a beautiful aquarium at, when this picture was taken by one of us. 

Size and Lifespan
There are many species called Baby Whales the commonest species will grow slowly to be about 8" long and can live for 6 to 10 years or sometimes even longer. The Black Baby Whale, shown above, grows to about 5", which is a very nice size for a 45 to 60-gallon aquarium.

5 Important Aquarium Products

For excellent health, pet fish need very good food and very good water conditions. These five products are very important.

Premium Fish Food Flakes
Premium Fish Food Pellets
DrTim's Water Conditioner
DrTim's WasteAway
Denitrifying Lava Rocks
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