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Pictus Catfish
Wonderful Aquarium Fish from the Amazon Rainforest
Pictus Catfish at
face="Trebuchet MS, Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"> 
Pictus Catfish are really wonderful aquarium fish. Some other sources say they are touchy and not hardy, but that's not true. They are very hardy and energetic. Very highly recommended.



Names & Comments 


6963 Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish

Pictures: 4" Pictus taken by DrTom. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture.
This is a wonderful aquarium fish. Not too big and not too small: just right. But it will eat small fish that fit into its mouth!
Maximum size: at least 5.25" long
Scientific name: Pimelodus pictus or possibly a closely related species.




Names & Comments 


Pictus Catfish come in two different patterns. One type is from Peru and another from Columbia. They may in fact be different species. Both are wonderful aquariums fish.
They're very active swimmers that constantly scour the aquarium for anything edible. They will try eating anything and actually eat almost any kind of food that will fit in their mouths, including small fish. I watched in horror one day, when a new Pictus sucked up and ate three of my small Paleatus Cory Catfish!
But Pictus and other catfish really not a substitute for cleaning your aquarium and regularly doing partial water changes. Click here for more about aquarium maintenance.
Pictus Catfish seem to enjoy schooling together. But one Pictus will also do very well in an aquarium without other Pictus, and since they eat a lot of food and produce a lot of waste, they do better in a larger aquarium with a big filter.

Appropriate Home
A freshwater aquarium with at least 40-gallons of water, an exterior power filter with a BIO-Wheel, a maximum of 1/4-inch of gravel, and an aquarium heater adjusted to between 74 and 78 degrees F. Click here for more about warm water aquariums.


Recommended Diet
Pictus eat just about anything. We feed ours Premium Pellets and Premium Flakes. Click here to shop for Tropical Fish food.
Always be sure that all of your fish eat all of the food you feed them, because uneaten food will soon spoil and pollute the aquarium water. Click here for more about feeding fish.

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Hikari Algae Wafers specifically developed for hard to feed Plecostomus Catfish. Click on this ad to learn more about Algae Wafers and other fish foods.

Pictus Catfish enjoy being together, and it's great fun to watch several school around the aquarium together. But Pictus will grow to be 5" long and are heavy eaters, so it will take a big aquarium with very good filtration to keep a group. We like to keep just one of them.
You should also realize that Pictus will eat just about anything that fits in their growing mouths, and that includes other fish. So a Pictus is not compatible with small fish that will fit into its mouth!
On the other hand Pictus are spinney and will usually do well with large predaceous fish and aggressive fish like Cichlids. We often keep our Pictus in large aquariums with Neotropical Cichlids, Large Silver Dollars, and other larger fish that won't fit in a Pictus mouth.
The spines on Pictus can easily get caught in nets, so it's best to avoid using a net and try scooping Pictus with a ridged container.
Click here to read more about several groups of compatible fish.
Click here now to buy Pictus Catfish.

Gallery of Pictus pictures
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Click here now to buy Pictus Catfish.
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Click here now to buy Pictus Catfish.
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at
Pictus Catfish at

Size and Lifespan
Pictus Catfish have a lifespan of several years and perhaps even longer when given excellent care. Here in our aquariums we have had them grow to be about 5.25" long in body length, and that measurement would have been much longer, if we'd included their whiskers, which are amazing!

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