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Page 2 about
Crayfish and Crawdads

Customer Comments

I was reading your suggestion for getting rid of unwanted snails, and I have something else to offer. I had snails breeding like snails in two of my tanks. I bought a couple of crawfish and put one in each of these tanks.
Within a couple of weeks, I had no snails at all in either tank, and a very interesting addition to both of these tanks. Both of my crawfish are doing well (they've both been through 3 molts since I got them) and don't seem to cause a problem for the other fish (primarily convict cichlids in one tank and tetras in the other).
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your first hand observations.

Customer Comments

crayfish love to stir the sand at the bottom. If you feed them well and keep them warm they may lay eggs. the male (who can be easily told from the female by its odd leg shape front pair of swimmerets) will flip the female (with tiny front swimmers but large middle ones) then the female will hide its eggs under its tail.
They look odd when they  molt. they may lay over on their side and the back end of the carapace come lose. Then they sqeze their way out. First the head then the feelers and finally it flicks its tail to free its legs. crayfish are lots of fun!
Reply. Hello. Thank you for your first hand observations. Incidentally, we do not recommend using sand, because the water does not circulate well through the sand, and it becomes polluted. You can substitute a thin layer of aquarium gravel that is at most 1/4" thick. Click here for more about aquarium gravel.

Customer Comments

In my experience, Crayfish are not at all compatible with snails, unless it's your intention to give the crayfish a treat every now and again.  My crayfish lived with X-Ray Tetra's and Zebra Danios (no fish smaller than 1.5" long survived the addition of the crayfish - they got eaten)  A dozen Neon Tetra's didn't even last 12 hours after the addition of the Crayfish.
Research on the Web showed that the average lifespan of a crayfish is 18 months, and that they spawn once in their lifetime.  My Crayfish lived 2 years, and spawned twice.  She lived in a 10-gallon tank with a UGF and no heater.  the tank was fed live tubifex worms, flake food, and the occasional medallion of cucumber. The Tubifex worms were the biggest hit in the tank.
Stef  S.
Richmond VA 23117
Reply. Hello Stef. Thank you for your first hand observations.

Customer Comments

I have enjoyed reading your web site immensely. I have learned a lot from it. I currently have a twelve gallon eclipse aquarium with several black neon tetras, a dwarf gourami, a plecostamis catfish, and a male betta.
Thank you for providing so much information on the web for free. I probably would have purchased some fish from your web site, but I have found a local pet shop with quality fish and comparable prices, at least they are comparable when you consider the shipping and handling.
... I have been really interested in the blue crayfish that you sell but I have yet to find one for sale in a local shop. I would love to buy one, but I am concerned about the safety of my other fish, specifically the black neon tetras.
There seem to be conflicting stories posted on the crayfish information page. One customer said his crayfish was fine in his tank of tetras while another customer said he lost all twelve of them in less than a day. They didn't specific which crayfish they owned or what size it was.
I was wondering what your experience has been with the blue crayfish and it's compatibility with neon tetras and other small fish.
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Noah. There is conflicting information in the comments about Crayfish on this page. I have not put Small Tetras with Crayfish, because I think a Crayfish would probably eat them.

Customer Comments

Hey there! If you're wondering about the scientific names for the Blue Crayfish, I have a website that may be of help. I did just a little research and so far I've come up with two different types of Blue Crayfish. I found the dark blue color of the Crayfish on your site to be just amazing. I've never seen such a rich blue before. That started my need for research.
There seem to be a Blue -- Orconectes immunis
and an Electric Blue -- Procambarus alleni

Crayfish. Your Blue Crayfish seem to have an even deeper and somewhat darker blue than either of these though, but they seem to be more like the Procambarus Alleni. Would that be a fair guess?
Thanks again for reading! ^_^
Reply. Hello Romeo. Thank you for sending us this information.

Customer Comments

My girlfriend recently procured one of your blue crayfish. It's quite a darling thing, expect for a little experience we had to go through with it. Apparently, without having an appropriate place to retreat to and hid, it gets territorally defensive and will kill fish, as it did to ten! of her guppies.
Once he had a place to hide in, an overturned ceramic cup, he was fine, and now wanders out when the light is turned off to scavange, no longer harming anything. Just something to tell when thinking of getting one.
Reply. Hello Zane. Thank you for your comments.

Customer Comments

My son has had a blue crayfish for about two months. It was kept in a tank alone in the pet store for about a week before we acquired it. It now has brown sacs that resemble clumps of eggs under its tail.
Is it possible that these really are eggs? What do we do when they hatch? How long does it take for them to hatch? Do you have any other advice?
Thank you,
Reply. Hello Sara. Congratulations! It sounds like your Crayfish does have eggs! But we do not have any more information about breeding them or caring for the babies.
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