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Lobsters and Crayfish
Click here to buy an Aquarium Lobster and Crayfish from us.
Shown above, a Papua Lobster.

Scientific Names
There are many species of Crayfish, and their scientific names are almost all unknown to us. Click here to go to another website that discusses their scientific names and how to identify the various species of Crayfish.


Many aquarists and especially kids mention that they enjoy watching Crayfish, and Crayfish are fun to watch. But Crayfish are quarrelsome and aggressive. They will usually bother and sometimes eat Crabs, Ghost Shrimp, Snails and Frogs.
Crayfish are covered with an exoskeleton that is rigid and doesn't change in shape by much. To grow larger a Crayfish sheds its exoskeleton, and for a day or two is covered only with soft tissues which harden into a new exoskeleton. You may see an old discarded exoskeleton on the bottom of your aquarium, unless the Crayfish has already eaten it to recycle the nutrients into the exoskeleton.
Crayfish are also called Crawdads.

Blue Crayfish or Blue Lobster. Information and picture.   This picture shows a 2.5" Blue Crayfish in our facility. These are also called Blue Lobsters.

Appropriate Home
n aquarium with an external power filter with a BIO-Wheel and a maximum of 1/4-inch of gravel. Crayfish can live in an aquarium with or without an aquarium heater at a temperature from about 65 to 82 degrees F.


Recommended Diet
Crayfish will eat virtually anything on the bottom of the aquarium such as pieces of uneaten food, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, and Frogs. In this way they help keep an aquarium clean, but they are not a substitute for regular maintenance. Click here for more about aquarium maintenance.


As mentioned above Crayfish generally make life miserable for small animals living on the bottom of their aquarium including other Crayfish. It seems to be best to keep just one unless you have a large aquarium. Crayfish usually cannot bother fish that stay off the bottom.
Click here to read more about several other groups of compatible fish.

Picture Gallery
Snow White Lobster for sale
Just above, a so-called White Lobster.
Just above, a so-called Tangerine Lobster.    
Just above, a so-called Coral-Pink Lobster.    
Just above, a so-called Electric Blue Lobster.    
Just above, an Aquarium Lobster that is probably a Mexican Dwarf Orange Crayfish.      
Just above, a freshwater Crayfish.    
Just above, a large mature so-called Red Crayfish!    

Size and Lifespan
These different species of Lobsters and Crayfish grow to various maximum sizes from about 3" to maybe 8" long.

Click here to go to another page in this web site with Customer Comments and our Replies about Crayfish.
Books about
Shrimps, Crayfish, and Crabs
The books shown below are listed on You can click on the title or on the image of a book to go to the page at, where that book is listed and discussed. In some cases you can preview several of the pages in that book.
Click on this image to go to, where you can learn more about this book.   Shrimps, Crayfishes, and Crabs in the Freshwater Aquarium
By Uwe Werner
48 pages
Click on this image to go to, where you can learn more about this book. Crayfish
By Phyllis W. Grimm
Library Binding
48 pages
Click on this image to go to, where you can learn more about this book.   RED CLAW! Raising the Giant ...
By Don R. Wilson
50 pages
Click here for a complete list of books about Shrimps, Crabs, and Crayfish at
Click here to go to another page in this web site with Customer Comments and our Replies about Crayfish.
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