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Dwarf Gourami - Information about keeping Dwarf Gouramis in Aquariums.
Click here now to buy Dwarf Gouramis.    

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Dwarf Gouramis at


Above, this picture shows a normal Dwarf Gourami male with the normal coloration that includes narrow red and blue bands across the body. This is a very good aquarium fish. Click here to see pictures of the other color varieties.

Scientific Name: Trichogaster lalius. Colisa lalia is now said to be  invalid.


There are many color varieties of the Dwarf Gourami with varying amounts of the two original colors: red and blue. Click here to see pictures of the other color varieties.
Dwarf Gouramis are a highly recommended fish for aquariums. Male Dwarf Gouramis are colorful and the females are silver without much color. The original wild Dwarf Gourami males had diagonal stripes alternating in bright blue and red. Eventually fish farmers developed solid red males, like the one shown above, and solid blue males. We stock both of these and the original color variety.


One visitor to this site asked if we keep all the females and only sell males, so he couldn't breed Dwarf Gouramis and compete with us. No. We often show only the males on our list, because that is what almost all of our customers want. But we usually have females available too.
If you want to order females, just add a comment at the bottom of your order and request females of the appropriate color variety. Our price for females is usually the same as our price for males.


Customer Comments

Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Gourami.
This web site is great, and has been very helpful to me.  The close-up picture is really beautiful, he has his dorsal and anal fins flared to appear bigger to the other Gourami  . . .  You can feel free to use the picture on your Dwarf Gourami page.  This normal Dwarf Gourami has a more balanced blend of blue and red, while your picture is more blue.
Tom G.
Reply. Hello Tom. Thank you for sending us the picture of your fantastically beautiful male Dwarf Gouramis. We need a picture of a male like your with more of the red. Dwarf Gouramis vary in color. Some are mostly red, others mostly blue, and many with intermediate ratios of red and blue. Thanks again!

Appropriate Home
Eventually an aquarium with at least 29 gallons of water, an exterior power filter with a BIO-Wheel, a maximum of 1/4 inch of gravel, and an aquarium heater adjusted to between 68 and 82 degrees F. Click here for more about warm water aquariums.


Recommended Diet
Dwarf Gouramis do well on a diet of floating flake food, some freeze dried blood worms, which are actually mosquito larvae, plus an occasional treat of live Black Worms and live or frozen brine shrimp. Click here for more about feeding fish.
I feed these fish a few Black Worms every other day. Click here for more about feeding Black Worms.

In the past we fed most fish several type of food to provide a varied diet. But now we feed almost all of our fish only premium fish food pellets and/or flakes.
Premium fish foods contain all the nutrients needed by almost all types of fish. Click here to read more about premium fish foods.

This species enjoys each other's company. There are several color varieties and you should mix and match a group with at least three males and about twice as many females. Dwarf Gouramis are compatible with all Danios, White Clouds, all Rainbows, a school of Clown Loaches, and a school of Bala Sharks. Often seen in aquariums with Angelfish, Bigger Tetras, and livebearers such as Platies, Mollies, and Swordtails.
Click here to read more about several other groups of compatible fish.

picture Gallery of Dwarf Gouramis
Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Dwarf Gourami.
Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Gourami.
The pictures just above were taken by one of us and show young male Dwarf Gouramis in our aquariums. These fish are in excellent condition with great coloration and ready to move in to your aquarium now !!  ;^ }
Just above, a nice young plump female Regular Dwarf Gouramis, that looks to be full of eggs and ready to spawn.
Male Neon Blue Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Gourami.
Male Neon Blue Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Gourami.
The fish, shown just above, is a young mature male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami. Dwarf Gouramis have been produced by fish farmers for a long time, and when they see a fish with a different coloration, they're likely to keep it and try to breed it. That's how we get uniquely colored Dwarf Gouramis like this one.
Male Neon Blue Dwarf Gouramis at, where you can shop online for a Gourami.
Shown above, a young mature male Fire Red Dwarf Gourami, above, and nice plump female, below. A color variation of the Dwarf Gourami. This is the same species just a different color variety produced by skillful fish farmers. Click here to buy a Fire Red Dwarf Gourami like these from us.
Female Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami, Colisa lalia, at   This picture shows a female Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami about 2" long. You can see the difference in coloration and shape between the males above and this female. Click here to buy a female Dwarf Gourami like this one from us.

Size and Lifespan
Dwarf Gouramis have a lifespan of several years. Males can grow to 2.5" and females to 2.25".


Customer Comments

Quick question for you: since it appears that all dwarf gouramis are the same species, it wouldn't matter which color varieties you put together as far as compatability and breeding is concerned, correct? Also, would several females with a single male result in a better chance of breeding? Any help would be great.
Reply. Hello Pete. Thank you for your email. You're right, all Dwarf Gouramis are the same species and can interbreed.

Originally there was the wild Dwarf Gourami, which were a mixture of about half red and half blue. Breeders developed color varieties that are now mostly red and other varieties that are mostly blue.

So we have more choices, but they are still the same species of fish, and they can interbreed to produce babies. Just what color or colors the babies will be is difficult to predict.

To breed these fish we recommend keeping a group with a few males and several females. It's nice to have an aquarium with at least 30 gallons of water. Then a group with three males and five females will have plenty of room.

The males will quarrel with each other and not spend all their time annoying the females. When a female is full of eggs, she will look for a brightly colored male with a nicely built bubble nest to lay her eggs in.


Customer Comments

I am 13 and I ordered fish from you around July. In my order I bought 2 Female Neon Dwarf Gouramis. I'm just writing to let you know that one of them spawned with My male that I already had.
This is exciting for me and I would like to thank tou for the good quality fish. I now have a whole bunch of 4 mm fry swimming around in my 20 gallon long.
Thanks again.
Philemon R.
Reply. Hello Philemon. Thank you for your report on your Neon Blue Dwarf Gouramis that spawned. Congratulations. By spawning your fish you have demonstrated your fish skill. A species of fish will spawn, when the conditions in the aquarium are good for them.
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