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Koi for Sale
At McBride's Oak Ridge Koi Farm
This page contains links to McBride's Oak Ridge Koi, which is a famous fish farm that imports, spawns, raises, and has all types of Pond Koi for sale, including Long Fin Koi, Butterfly Koi, Standard Koi, Domestic Koi, and Japanese Koi, directly to folks like you. McBride's also has Koi for sale at reduced wholesale prices to bonafide resellers.
Click here now to go to the home page in McBride's web site, where you will find lots of beautiful Koi.
Kohaku Koi   Standard Koi
Koi have been kept and bred by the people in Japan for a long time . Where very talented fish breeders, starting from the Common Carp, developed several beautiful color patterns. To the left is one of the most popular Koi varieties, a Kohaku. Koi varieties can be mixed in ponds to create great beauty and tranquility.
Click here now to see the many varieties and sizes of Koi at McBride's farm.
Long fin Butterfly Koi   Long Fin Koi
Sometimes called Butterfly Koi were developed more recently in the 1980s by crossing the Standard Koi with the Asian Carp. They have longer fins and make a dramatic addition to many Koi Ponds. McBride's sells Longfin Koi from Suda and Yamazaki Koi farms in Japan. McBride's also breeds and raises Longfin Koi from these bloodlines.
Click here now to buy Long Fin Koi.
Japanese Koi   Japanese Koi
These Koi have been bred and raised on famous Koi farms in Japan, then imported and carefully acclimated on the McBride's Oak Ridge Koi farm in Missouri, US. Japanese Koi are considered to be the the finest Koi produced in the world. McBride's sells hand selected Japanese Koi from 4" to 29" from famous farms such as Ogata, Sakai, Momotoro, Koda, Kase, Shinoda, and Yamazaki.
Click here now to buy Japanese Koi.
Domestic Koi at   Domestic Koi
are the offspring of Japanese Koi, which have been spawned at McBride's Oak Ridge Koi farm. Generally these Domestic Koi cost less and are more affordable than imported Japanese Koi. Domestic Koi are still wonderful and very beautiful.
Click here now to see lots of  Domestic Koi.
Wholesale Koi   Wholesale Koi
McBride's Oak Ridge Koi Farm in Missouri, U.S., offers several sizes of Koi in box lots to bonafide Koi dealers at reduced wholesale prices.
Telephone Jerry McBride at
1-417-540-0699 to buy wholesale Koi directly from his Koi farm.
How to Buy Koi Fish
First, click here to go to page 1 in McBride's list, where you will find lots of Koi for sale. You will see a large accurate picture of each fish. There are many more pages, showing lots and lots of beautiful Koi with each fish's size, type, and price listed.
When you've decided on the Koi you want, call McBride's Oak Ridge Koi farm at 1-417-540-0699, and get the answers to all your questions. McBride's is your #1 source for quality Koi and ships Koi by FedEx directly to your front door. Highly recommended.
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