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Buy Archer Fish for Sale
Click here now to buy Archer Fish.
    This video was shot through the glass of an aquarium, and you can see the side of this Archer Fish.
  This video was taken looking down through the surface of the water. Click here for more about buying Archers from us.
  Here is a relaxed Archer Fish that has a very pretty pattern of dark and light areas on its body.
  Here is an energetic Archer Fish. This video was taken looking down through the surface of the water.

Scientific name: Toxotes jaculator

The commonest Archer Fish in the aquarium hobby has been called Toxotes jaculator, but apparently this name is currently incorrect, and the correct scientific name is Toxotes jaculatrix. Click here for a list of all the valid species of Archer Fish in the Toxotes genus.

There are now six valid species of Archer Fish. We usually have the fish we know as Toxotes jaculator. The fish shown below is probably a different species of Archer Fish.


Archer Fish at, an online retail store and brackish water fish dealer, where you can shop online for Archer Fish is fun.   This picture shows an old Archer about 5" long that may not be the common Archer Fish, Toxotes jaculator, but a similar species. This Archer was living in a large aquarium with other large Archer Fish, when this picture was taken.
Archer Fish at Click on the picture to see a bigger picture. Here is a large Archer Fish about 5 to 6 inches long. Click here or on the picture to see a larger picture of this fish.

Customer Comments

The scientific name of the 5" Old Archer Fish on your website is toxotes chatareus, or Papua New Guinea Archer. It can be kept with most rainbowfish, especially boesmani rainbowfish. The rainbowfish can tolerate 5 grams of aquarium salt, but marine salt is much better.
Kathryn L.
Reply. Hello Kathryn. Thank you for your email comments. When you say "5 grams of aquarium salt", do you mean 5 grams per liter? In our facility we find that aquarium salt works better for us than marine salts. Possibly because the marine salts increase the pH of our water, but the aquarium salt does not increase the pH. Click here for more information about our opinion.


Their Magic Trick
Archer Fish are brackish water fish that can adapt to living in either freshwater or saltwater, but they live best in water with about 1 Tablespoon of aquarium salt in each five gallons of aquarium water. In their natural habitat Archer Fish are often seen swimming just under the water's surface, shooting drops of water from their mouths to knock insects down onto the water's surface, where they can be eaten. Archer Fish will often perform this magic trick in an aquarium, if insects are above the water. Click here for more information about how they do it.

Archer Fish are hardy, energetic, and not too aggressive, but like most fish they will swallow fish that fit into their mouths.

Archer Fish enjoy each other company and live best in a group with at least 3 Archer Fish. Good tank mates for Archers are Scats, Monos, Silver Needle Noses, Puffers, White Tip Shark Catfish, and the Fan Dancer Goby. Click here for more about buying brackish water fish from us.
Click here to read about several groups of compatible fish.


Appropriate Home
Eventually a large aquarium with at least 50-gallons of water, an exterior power filter with a BIO-Wheel, a maximum of 1/4-inch of gravel, an aquarium heater adjusted to keep the water between 78 and 82 degrees F., and at least 1 Tablespoon of aquarium salt per each 5 gallons of aquarium water. Click here for more about warm water aquariums.


Recommended Diet
Feed Archers freeze dried blood worms, freeze dried shrimp and krill, which are available in most stores that sell pet fish, plus some Live Black Worms, Ghost Shrimp, and small fish such as guppies. The best food for Archers is insects, such as crickets, floating on the water's surface. Click here for more about Black Worms. Click here for more about feeding fish.

Gallery of Archer Fish pictures

Size and Lifespan
Archer Fish will live about 6 to 10 years and grow to 5", sometimes with exceptionally good care they grow a little bigger and live longer.



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