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Page 4 about

Breeding Bettas
This page contains Customer Comments and our Replies about Breeding Bettas.

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Customer Comments

I really like your site! How long does it take for a male betta to make a bubblenest? My male bettas all have a hard time making one that is the right size. They first make a good looking one, and then I wait for it to become bigger, but when I look at it later, it gone!
My female betta sadly died yesterday, but the males don't build bubblenests. Do I have to feed them more? I've had them for about several weeks, already. What do I do? also, what kind of female should I get for a steel blue crowntail betta or a blue green betta or a blue betta?
thanx a bunch!
Franda L.
Reply. Hello Franda. An energetic male Betta can build a bubble nest in a few hours. I have watched a male go blup, blup, blup, and make one bubble after another.

A bubble nest has thousands of bubbles.

One of my males built a nest that was about 4" across and over 10 bubbles deep, so it must have had many thousands of bubbles.

It is important to give lots of good food to both the males and females.

I feed them small floating pellets labeled for Betta Fish, freeze dried blood worms, which are mosquito larvae, freeze dried shrimps, live or frozen brine shrimp, and some live Black Worms.

I change about 20% of the water each day, and I replace the water with a bit of tap water and mostly RO water.

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis, which is a process that removes most of the minerals from water.

You can substitute de-ionized water or distilled water, which you can buy in most grocery stores, for example. Do not use 100% RO, de-ionized, or distilled water, because they have almost all the minerals removed.

Make a mixture with some tap or drinking water.

Your male Betta will breed with a female of any coloration. It is your choice.

Click here to buy male Betta Fish and here to buy females.


Customer Comments

hi my name is devon and i breed fish i am only 13 and i Love animals my new fish are betta fish and i was wondering how you breed them i have read the information on your site but it does not tell me completly how to breed them so i was wondering if u could help me by telling me how you breed them if you help me that would be SO great!
Reply. Hello Devon. Thank you for your email. There is lots of good information about breeding Betta Fish on web pages at the links that we sent to you in the last big email.

Click on each of those links and read each page carefully, then click here to go to the Search Page on Pet Fish Talk and enter the name Tyler in the Search Box.

Click on the button labeled "Start Search", and you'll get a list of Pet Fish Talk Shows in which Tyler talks about how he breeds his Betta fish.

I think Tyler is a few years older that you, and he has been working on breeding Betta fish for a few years. His comments in his own words will probably help you.

Good luck with your fish.

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