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Got Chloramines?
AquaFX Press Release: NH2Cl BLASTER

Contact: Bob Advent
Aqua Engineering &  Equipment, Inc.
7224 Sandscove Ct.
Winter Park, Fl. 32792
Phone: 407-599-2123

The AquaFX Chloramine Blaster removes chloramines from aquarium water.



Engineers at Aqua Engineering Satisfy the Need for Chloramine Removal Without the Use of Deionization.

Winter Park, Fl. ? June, '04 ? Before you spend, and re-spend a lot of money on deionization to remove chloramines from your fish aquarium, call the industry leading engineering and manufacturing team at Aqua Engineering & Equipment.
At AquaEE we manufacture pure and ultra pure water systems utilizing reverse osmosis technology. Whether you are a fresh water, salt water, or pond keeper we will build you a custom system that will eliminate all of your water impurities including chloramines using our new NH2CL BLASTER.

As we all know, chloramines are deadly to fish. Chloramines pass through the gills of fish, enter the bloodstream, and bind with the iron in the hemoglobin causing a reduction in the oxygen carrying ability of the blood.
This ultimately results in the fish suffocating from lack of oxygen. Not anymore, the NH2CL BLASTER is a dual stage filter giving maximum contact time removing chloramines completely.

Aqua Engineering & Equipment has set the standard in RO filtering. Utilizing FILMTEC membranes from DOW, we have built the industries best systems for over five years.
Whether you purchase one of our standard units, a custom unit, or simply add the NH2CL BLASTER to your existing system, we can effectively remove your chloramines effortlessly, and economically.

We have been doing field testing with Mike Schloss owner of Tanks & tropicals, Mike has the largest collection of live stock in the state of Florida.
Not only is the NH2CL BLASTER removing all of his chloramines, but a canister of DI resin that usually lasts him 500 gallons is now through 900 gallons and is just now beginning to change color.

You can call us direct or order online, and we will build and ship your order within 48 hours. Installation is easy, and so are we. Just tell us what you want and we'll build it.

For Information or an order:

Email Contact:

Telephone toll free: 1-877-256-3467, and we will assist you.
Click here to read more about Chloramines.

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